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Creation 18(1):5, December 1995

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Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor,

In your article on pterodactyls (Creation Vol.17 No.3, June–August 1995, p. 19), you describe them as ‘flying reptiles’. The picture, however, shows a pterodactyl covered with what looks like feathers. Surely a reptile would have scales. Perhaps the pterodactyl was just another bird like Archaeopteryx.

Bruce Fulford, Wellington, New Zealand.

There is still much room for research on pterosaurs (the group to which pterodactyls belong). For some years pterosaurs were thought to have been covered with fur, because of fossil impressions. This view has recently been challenged by two British palaeontologists, who suggest that the ‘fur’ was actually fibres embedded in the wings (New Scientist, 15 October 1994, p. 18). Our picture was of a museum display which followed the ‘fur’ line of thinking.—Ed.

Flood’s olive leaf

Dear Editor,

On page 27 of Creation magazine, Vol.17 No.3, you say, ‘If there was a global Flood around 5,000 years ago, no living thing should be older than that’.

This is in an article on trees. But I thought that not long after the Flood, Noah sent out a dove and it returned with a freshly plucked olive leaf. That olive tree must have survived the Flood, presumably being submerged by the rising water.

That said, I enjoy your magazine and would like to pass it on to others to read. Unfortunately, the subject of creationism is taboo on our media. Evolutionism is assumed to be the only explanation of the world.

(Dr) R.N. Caswell, Holywood, Northern Ireland.

A global Flood capable of laying down most of the world’s sedimentary rock would have to at least uproot and transport all trees, if not smash them into fragments. In many tree species (including olives) broken pieces buried in soil or mud close to the surface can sprout another tree, the likely source of the olive leaf in Genesis (see The Genesis Flood by Whitcomb and Morris). So regardless of how old the pre-Flood parent tree was, subsequent tree-ring dating of its asexually generated offspring would register ‘year one’ as the year after the Flood.—Ed.

‘Fishy’ scales

Dear Editor,

My children have always loved science, but, our public schools are infested with evolutionary propaganda. So I’m thrilled to have your magazine in our home to help answer them.

Some friends of ours have a married daughter whose son had a form of calcium cyst on his neck. It reminded me of one of your articles (A fishy story, Vol.16 No.4) since these parents were told it was ‘leftover’ (fish) scales. They had never heard such a ridiculous thing. I gave the mother the Creation magazine explaining the scales, proving there was no such relationship with fish! The daughter appreciated the article very much! The mother bought some subscriptions for herself and her daughter and other family members.

(Mrs) Debra Linebaugh, Glennallen, Alaska, USA.

Our article told how an Australian newspaper claimed that ‘fish-gill’ cartilage had been removed from a boy’s neck. We showed that this evolutionary claim was wrong, even quoting the pathologist who examined the cartilage as saying its appearance was indistinguishable from human cartilage.—Ed

Avoiding Deception


Dear Editor,

Creation magazine is eagerly received in our home.The big question is “who will get to read it first?″

As I read Ken Ham’s article titled ‘When will the Church wake up?’ I was saddened to think there are people who go to church to seek God only to be deceived by a church that steals away God’s Word and replaces it with man’s theories.

One of my first thoughts was, why do people who are seeking to know God forgo reading and studying their Bibles? After all, we are privileged to have God’s Word available. Mr Ham answered my question: “Unless they have been taught that God’s Word is the absolute authority, and is to be the judge of truth, because it is truth, they could easily be led astray by all sorts of happenings and experiences″?.

I realized Mr Ham had pointed out the basis of the reason these deceptions can exist. Everything must be measured against God’s Word, so we can know if it really is truth or not.

Thank you for holding up the truth of God’s Word in ways anyone who reads Creation magazine can understand.

(Mrs) Denise K. Murray, Newcastle. California, USA.

Clear Truth

Dear Editor,

I thank you people for writing this magazine in a non-offensive way, which anyone would read and just get the truth.

I know of some lost people, who go to lost churches, who aren’t even sure which Bible version to read. But they read your magazine and get the clear truth in a simple manner—which is a real good thing!

G.E.C. Mace, Oakey, Queensland, Australia.

2k map of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka map courtesy Corel

Sri Lanka Thanks


Dear Editor,

Thank you for printing my note in the September November 1994 edition, asking for old Creation magazines to leave in schools, homes, and public places in Sri Lanka.

I have received letters and magazines. Some of the people have not sent their address, and I can’t send a thank you note. If you have space, please say thank you for me to all the people helping me scatter Creation magazines, like leaves of autumn, over Sri Lanka!

Nina Astleford (age 11), Maharagama, Sri Lanka.