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Creation 18(1):50, December 1995

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‘Moses couldn’t have got all those animals into the Ark’

by Peter Sparrow

He stood there, in the mall of a country town during ‘open bus’, and said: ‘Moses couldn’t have got all those animals into the Ark’. He was right, but I reminded him it was Noah, not Moses, who built the Ark.

Then I asked him how many animals he thought needed to go on to the Ark. He didn’t know. I asked him how big the Ark was. He didn’t know. It’s interesting that he thought an unknown number of animals couldn’t have fitted into an unknown sized Ark!

He could have looked in the Bible to find the dimensions of the Ark, and in a book on taxonomy to work out about how many land animals (including the extinct ones) had to go on the Ark.

Like too many people, this man was basing his unbelief in the Bible—and ultimately his unbelief in Jesus Christ—on something he knew nothing about. What an unwise position to be in.

Fairy tale ark

‘Fairytale’ Images like this have helped to distort the Flood account.

There are many people who believe things that are not true—either by choice or by ignorance. But who wants to believe and live a lie? Travelling on the Creation Bus brings us into contact with an amazing variety of people. We have been told all sorts of stories about people’s beliefs about creation and the Creator.

But God’s truth is all that makes sense. We have a wonderful book, the Bible, that reveals the Creator to us. God chose to tell us His truth—it is there for all to read.

Moses didn’t, and Noah couldn’t, get those animals into the Ark. But God could, and did—He told us so. Christianity is a logical faith—you don’t commit intellectual suicide when you believe the Bible.